Hardwood Floor Repair Tips That You Should Know

Hardwood Floor Repair Tips That You Should Know

If you have an older home,Hardwood Floor Repair Tips That You Should Know Articles more than likely you have some hardwood flooring somewhere in your house. When hardwood flooring in added to the modern house, it brings back the elegance of times gone by. Sometimes with the lifestyles we live and the passage of time, our hardwood floors need some tender loving care. Before you call the flooring specialist to do your hardwood floor repair, you need to determine what kind of hardwood flooring you have.

There are five main types of hardwood flooring. The first type is unfinished hardwood flooring. This is flooring that is purchased unstained. It is also not coated, buffed, or sanded, so you either have to do all the work yourself, which would include buying all the necessary tools, or hire someone to do it for you. You do, however, have control of the finish that goes on the floors when you are the one finishing them. When a hardwood floor repair becomes necessary new unfinished flooring can easily be bought and finished to match the old.

Another type of hardwood flooring is pre-finished. This is flooring that has been sanded, buffed, stained, and coated, which is faster to complete than unfinished flooring for obvious reasons. This type of flooring can be installed by anyone. It has a shorter lifespan, but a hardwood floor repair is easy to repair in most cases.

A third type of hardwood flooring is solid hardwood flooring. This consists of wooden planks with grooves at the end and on the sides so that they can be fitted together. These are available in both unfinished and pre-finished styles. Because floor refinishing in Charlotte they do have a tendency to hold together the best in harsher environments, these are great if you live in colder temperatures or if you have a lot of traffic over your flooring. Elegant parquet flooring is included in this category.

Some people prefer engineered floors over solid hardwood. These are several layers of wood glued together. People prefer them because they lessen noise and can be more comfortable than solid flooring. Visually, there is really no difference between solid and engineered flooring. There are also more wood options available in engineered flooring and it is easier to custom design than pre-finished.

Finally, there is the option of acrylic infused floors. These are the least popular of the choices because they are newer. They are infused with color by just injecting them and are the strongest on the market today. They are also less apt to be scratched, so less hardwood floor repair will be needed. They are great for commercial locations where there is heavy foot traffic.

Whether for your home or for your business, you have to choose the flooring that is right for the environment that it will be in. No matter what you choose, your floors will be an elegant feature in that home or business. If you do happen to need a hardwood floor repair, look for someone who has experience working with the type of wood that you have chosen.

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